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Studio Mortazavi is an architectural design agency based in San Francisco, Lisbon and Paris. It was born in 2009 from Amir Mortazavi’s dream to create distinctive arts of living. Using a holistic approach, Studio Mortazavi’s designs come into life breathing from exterior to interior in synchronicity with time and space. The combination of an intuitive comprehension of the space and of an in-depth research on its history allows for a soulful push of boundaries. At the heart of Studio Mortazavi’s practice is the collaboration with fellow designers, craftsmen and artists, crafting a language that’s unique to each project. Integrity, sustainability and timelessness are the key foundations of our designs.

Through the years, we have come to understand that design is more than how a building looks and functions. It’s about

how it feels and the life one creates within it. Design permeates all that we do, from how we custom build each team to suit the project through to the careful selection of materials and space planning. Our vision is to bring the design to all elements of what we do as a firm.

By fusing architecture, design, and art, Studio Mortazavi creates inspiring spaces for living and working all around the world. Our architectural approach, led by our values, are in constant discussion with our clients needs and vision.

Amir MORTAZAVI // Founder and Lead Designer

Anna GADBOIS // Designer

Emmanuelle ROGELS // Project Coordinator


Amir Mortazavi is the founder of Studio Mortazavi, an interiors and architectural design firm who has worked on a myriad of projects such as speculative development projects and coworking spaces for CANOPY, which he is a co-founder of. Amir Mortazavi is also a highly regarded art collector and supporter of the arts. His willfully eclectic interests have coalesced into a dynamic and respected multi-disciplinary company that creates unique properties. Amir Mortazavi’s strong relation to France has led him to open a new Parisian studio, giving rise to Studio Mortazavi’s big entry into the European market. His projects have been published in Vogue, Wallpaper*, Elle Decor Japan, Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, Financial Times, Dwell, CA Home and Design, Frame Magazine, New York Times and many others.

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